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Sharing Through My Eyes

Sharing Through My Eyes
by Cindi Friedman

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

by Rick Silver
Rev 8-28-2010

I imagine you came to this life
Like your daughter Arianna,
Drawing breath from two worlds,
The river of your many mothers
Coursing through your soul,
Urging new life into your tiny body.

And as your mother’s belly
Emptied itself,
Your journey began again,
Cycle upon endless cycle
Of gathering and letting go.

The raw dust of your experience
Drawn together, shaped and turned
And made manifest,
Spirit woven into cloth and flesh and word:

These are the bricks of your house.

In this lifetime of gatherings and emptyings,
The hands of your many mothers
Guide the loving dance of your hands,
Their voices softly echoing
In this House of Life.

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